Global Distribution

Biomile is being distributed in numerous countries worldwide. Many markets are still seeking Master Distributors. If you wish to help promote this leading edge product, then we have right program for you! Contact us today to further explore your market options.


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 Using Biomile annually, you can: 
Reduce your Carbon Footprint up to 15%

Save up to 3.80 Metric Tons of fresh air

Save up to 5 m.p.g. of fuel

Based on proven results of using Biomile and Statistics from the US Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Transportation and Air Quality, "Emission Facts: Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Typical Passenger Vehicle," February 2005 and the U.S. Department of Energy and the Energy Information Administration, Instructions for Form EIA 1605B, Voluntary Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions.


100% safe to use in all gasoline and diesel fuel engines
Burns fuel more efficiently, which improves economy and reduces emissions
Reduces carbon and power-robbing deposits during normal engine use
Increases the octane of gasoline/petrol, resulting in the elimination of pre-ignition (knock)
Tested at independent laboratories and fully registered with the Environment Protection Agency (EPA)
Increased Fuel Economy
Completely dissolves in fuel leaving no residue
Reduces exhaust emissions and pollutants, and promotes a healthier environment 


  • Biomile 10X Gas

  • Biomile 10X Diesel

  • Biomile Custom Tablets

  • Biomile Crumb 100

  • Biomile Crumb 250

  • Biomile Custom Crumb

  • Biomile Marine 2KG

  • Biomile Marine 5KG

Regular use of these tablets will increase fuel economy by up to 15% or more. This could potentially save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars a year on your fuel costs.

Biomile reduces polluting tailpipe emissions from your vehicle. An average driver will generate between 5,000 to 20,000 pounds of pollution annually. Using Biomile will reduce this number by thousands of pounds a year, on average.

This Fuel Conditioner energizes your vehicle - new or old, large or small- our product adds extra power to all vehicles

Biomile helps your engine operate more efficiently by reducing its stress. Engines that are more efficient require less repairs and maintenance.

A wide array of vehicles use Biomile and have reaped its many benefits. Do your part for the environment and save money by trying Biomile today!

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